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Bui Xuan Quang

Bùi Xuân Quang

tai chi chuan
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Questions and answers
with Bùi Xuân Quang

How did you start Tai Chi?

I actually started with " external " martial arts. In 1957, I followed my first karate courses with Mr. Plée in his dojo, Montagne Sainte Geneviève street (rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève), the first European dojo. I was then 16 years old. In November 1957, Master Murakami arrived in France. We were among the first ones, my schoolmates and I, to discover true Japanese karate. Michel Hsu also started karate during that year, but I only met him several years later, in the early 60s. I began teaching karate in 1970, followed by Aikido, in the middle of the 80s, in a flexible form initiated by Pierre Lapébie, called Aikijundo.

In 1993, Patrick Kelly went to Europe to teach Master Huang Sheng Shyan's Tai Chi. I then realised that my research in external martial arts was over. Therefore I stopped practising karate and aikido to fully concentrate on Tai Chi Chuan. Michel Hsu, a then karate and full contact teacher, did the same.

You practised some Tai Chi before meeting Patrick Kelly...

Indeed, I began with Abbot Li Huang Hua. I practised the form with Pierre Lapébie. But even at the time, I knew the truth was elsewhere.

What exactly triggered your choice of giving up all the other martial arts to practise Tai Chi Chuan?

It is a matter of personal evolution. I started with tough karate, Shotokan, probably like most karate practitioners. Then Master Murakami, my teacher at that time, followed the way of Great Master Egami, founder of Shotokai, a very spirit-linked karate (his pupil, Aoki, was inspired by Shotokai when he created Shintaido). I thought Shotokai involved too much use of the body, and did not make the mind evolve enough. I then modified some details with my knowledge of Tai Chi, which seemed enough for me at the time. William Lionetti, who is a former pupil of mine, is still teaching this form of karate. He is now a high level Jiu Jitsu fighter. The Tai Chi Chuan form of Master Huang and taught by Patrick Kelly arrived at the right time. I needed more space, in a figurative way, to evolve. And Patrick Kelly offers one of the very few open doors to the world of authentic Tai Chi Chuan.

What is Tai Chi Chuan for you?

Tai Chi Chuan is a fighting art that considers all the essential elements from the basics. In deep. The position of one's own body, one's environment, the Earth, the sky. Intuition, sensitivity. An opening of all your senses to listen to your body and your opponent's in full awareness. Tai Chi Chuan goes far beyond the concept of self-defence. We could say that it is the art of energy control. This is why, thanks to my experience, Tai Chi practice guides me in my life.

Who can practice Tai Chi Chuan with you?

Those who want to develop their human potential, body, sensitivity, mind, by energy control and who agree to make efforts to achieve this goal. Those who want to rapidly learn a self-defence art, and those who look for the great harmony of the universe without effort will be disappointed. A lot of people would like to play Mozart and impress their audience, but only a few like music enough to make the efforts to the learn of piano.

I do not aspire to teach Tai Chi Chuan to a great number of pupils, but I do hope that I can help those who truly like Tai Chi Chuan and who trust me, in order to develop all the potential of their body, sensitivity, mind, in the best possible way.